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2" Decals
2" Decals
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2" Decals

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2" UV DTF decals

The newest technology in customization!

-These transfers are made for hard surfaces such as tumblers, coffee cups, etc. and require no heat to apply! They apply like a sticker using a carrier sheet that is already applied. 

-There is a white layer on the back of the transfer, this is to allow the transfers to be placed on various colors while remaining vibrant!

-Each vibrant UV DTF leaves a high quality design on your items that stays vibrant wash after wash. We do recommend hand washing. 

-We do NOT recommend applying over bends or creases to prevent peeling or bubbles in transfer.

**Applying UV DTF Transfers: Easy Steps for a Perfect Finish**

**Step 1: Prepare Your Surface**

Ensure a clean surface for your item. Use soap and water or a mix of rubbing alcohol and water to clean. The cleaner, the better for durability.

**Step 2: Preparing Your Transfer**

After cutting your UV DTF transfer, place it face down with the white side up. Use a tool (squeegee or credit card) to firmly press over it 3-5 times. This secures the design onto the clear sheet.

**Step 3: Separating the Layers**

Carefully tear a small part to separate the clear sheet from the white ink backing. Slowly peel the clear sheet away, ensuring every part of your design is lifting. If not, set it down, press again, and try peeling from a different side.

**Step 4: Placing the Transfer**

Identify where you want the design on your item. Lay it down gradually from one side to the other to control placement, reduce bubbles, and avoid wrinkles. Leave a corner lifted for easy handling.

**Step 5: Completing the Transfer**

After placing, use the tool to press firmly over the design 3-5 times. Don't press over the lifted corner. Now, slowly peel, moving your grip inward to control the peel. If any part doesn't transfer, lay the clear sheet back down, press again, and try peeling from another side.

Enjoy your perfectly transferred UV DTF design!



UV DTF TRANSFERS are tough, long-lasting stickers/decals with excellent color retention and resistance to chipping and weathering. However, their durability and adhesion may be affected by various conditions. Therefore, we cannot provide warranties or guarantees, and they should not be relied upon for critical applications or equipment.